Currently Teaching

  • Research-Oriented Cryptography (4IC, WS 17/18)
  • Crypto Classics (1RG, WS 17/18)
  • Cryptography and Complexity Theory (2RG, WS 17/18)

Planned Teaching

No Guarantees.

  • Cryptoplexity (3L+1E, SS18)
  • Real-World Crypto (3L+1E, SS18)
  • Cryptography and Complexity Theory (2RG, SS18)
  • Computer System Security (2L+1E, WS18/19)

Past Teaching

  • Cryptoplexity (2L+2E, SS 16, SS15, SS14, SS13, SS12, SS11)
  • Research-Oriented Cryptography (4IC, WS 16/17, WS14/15, WS12/13)
  • Introduction to Cryptography (2L+2E, WS14/15, WS11/12)
  • Computer System Security (2L+1E, WS 16/17)
  • Functional and Object-oriented Programming Concepts (ex Introduction to Computer Science I, 4L+2E, WS 15/16, WS13/14)
  • Cryptographic Gems (3L+1E, WS12/13)
  • Algorithms and Complexity (2L+2E, SS12)
  • CAPTCHA Practical Course (4P, WS11/12)