In the Media


TV Late News (Nov 2nd, 2010)

Marc Fischlin commenting on the cryptographic security of the new German ID card, issued on November 1st, for the TV late news.

TV News (October 15th, 2010)
Short appearance of Marc Fischlin in the (afternoon) TV news about new German ID card.

Online Media

FAZ Online Interview (August 9th,2018)
How secure are our routers, Mister Fischlin? (in German)
FAZ (online)

Various Blogs (October 31st, 2014)
Our attacks on the ISO/IEC 25185-1.2 protocol PLAID were covered by some online sites and blogs. Meanwhile the ISO project editor has reported on our paper (see here) and we have provided a response to that ( (opens in new tab)).
The Register (opens in new tab) Matthew Green's Blog (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) Slashdot (opens in new tab) Schneier on Security (opens in new tab)

Spiegel Online News (Oct 15th, 2010)
Mentioned in an article on one of Germany's most favorite online news site, Spiegel Online, for our security proofs for the new ID card. Also mentioned in various other places like heise Security online news.
Spiegel Online (in German) (opens in new tab)

heise Security Online News (August 21st, 2009)
Announcement on one of Germany's favorite security online news sites, heise Security, about our security proof for the PACE protocol for machine readable travel documents.
heise Security (in German) (opens in new tab)

Zeit Online Magazine (January 21st, 2009)
Marc Fischlin comments on security of CAPTCHAs in the online version of Germany's renowned weekly news magazine Die Zeit.
Zeit Online (in German) (opens in new tab)