Funding: BMBF, 01/2022-12/2024

Background: Vom BMBF im Rahmen der Programms “Innovationshub für Quantenkommunikation” mit 15,2 Mio. € (davon 56% BMBF-Fördersumme) gefördert.

Content: The objectives of the project “Application-oriented Demonstration of Quantum Communication in Germany” (DemoQuanDT) are the research, development and demonstration of a secure and cross-network QKD network management, within which quantum keys can be distributed and used in a vendor-independent manner. For this purpose, a reference laboratory will be established first. In the next step, a quantum communication test track will be established between Berlin and Bonn.

Project partners: Deutsche Telekom (Konsortialführer), ADVA, Hochschule Darmstadt, KEEQuant, Rohde&Schwarz.

Funded members: Sebastian Clermont.

Formerly funded members: Dr. Nina Bindel.